LNP 001: Salvation. Once saved, always saved?

Yay! It’s the very first episode of the Lux Nova podcast! Are you excited? Because I certainly am. In this episode, I tackle the question ‘Is once saved, always saved?’ The topic of salvation and why it’s important in Christianity is discussed.

In this episode we explore:

0:32 – Introduction to the Lux Nova Podcast.

2:41 – Discussion of salvation and what it looks like.

6:58 – How do we work to maintain our salvation?

14:57 – The amazing thing about salvation.

15:50 – Prayer of salvation.

17:09 – Social media platforms!


  • It is futile to deal with sin through our efforts unless it is through the gracious working of the gospel.
  • We must pursue conformity to Christ; that is the desire to become more like Christ. The results of our salvation throughout our lives are by the fruits we produce.
  • Salvation is extended to everyone; it is not discriminatory.

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